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Rainforest Hanging Bridges - Heliconias Lodge
Located on the foothills of the Tenorio Volcano National Park, this private reserve is a community project run by local residents. It protects over 110 hectares (275 acres) of wet tropical forest.
Being part of the large Guanacaste volcanic range, this reserve is located between the division of the north Pacific lowlands with the north Atlantic lowlands. The result of this great location is an impressive mixture of plant and animal life from both areas. It is like there is a natural wall that limits the passing of Pacific species to the Atlantic and vice versa.
This is an excellent place for Woodcreepers, Tanagers, Antbirds, Parrots, Flycatchers and the local resident the Tody Motmot (Hylomanes momotula).

Along the road to Heliconias lodge there are several open grasslands and shrubby vegetation area that will certainly provide more birds.
Come and enjoy the outstanding views from the treetops walking on the hanging bridges!!
Trip Type: Birdwatching
Duration: Fullday
Price: $95 per person
Includes: Bilingual birding guide, transportation, lunch and reserve fees.
Recommendations: Binoculars, hiking shoes, rainwear, repelent and average physical conditions.