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Arenal Volcano One day tour

This is a perfect cone shaped volcano (Estratovolcano), rising up between the foot of the Tilarán mountains and the San Carlos plains at about 1680 meters (5512 feet) above sea level. Considered an extinct volcano or simply the Arenal hill before 1968, nobody expected on July 29th of 1968, at 7:30 in the morning the Arenal awoke in an impressive eruption. The explosion was so incredible that some rocks reached 5 kilometres (3 miles) away from crater. The impact formed holes in the ground of 20 meters wide and 2 meters deep. Pueblo Nuevo and Tabacón settlements were wiped out and 87 people died.

Since 1984 the volcano has issued periodic explosions of gases, ash and lava rocks ( pyroplastic material) that descend as avalanches on the western flank, reaching speeds of 120 kph (74.6 mph) as well as lava flows that run up to 70 km. hr. (43.5 mph) with temperatures that reach 1000º C (1830º F).

The Tour

Visit to Las Pumas Rescue Center: Non profit organization that protects injured wild animals.

Picture stop at Arenal Lake

Hike to El Silencio Trail: Private Rainforest Reserve where we walk for 1.30 hour. Learn about the most complex habitat on Earth.

Ecothermal Hotsprings: Swim and relax on natural hot springs surrounded by rainforest.

Volcano observation stop: As soon the night falls you can witness the lava rocks descending from the crater all the way down to the base. (As long the local conditions allow it )

Price: $125 per person.

Duration: Full day

Includes: AC Transportation, Naturalist Guide, Rainforest and Hotsprings entrance fees,Lunch, Dinner, Snacks and drinks in the car.

Recommendation: Hiking shoes, rainwear, repellent, bathing suit, extra changing clothes.

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